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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wiscontainer’s containers weathertight?
Yes, we generally don’t rent or sell any units that leak. If a leak is found, we will either take that box out of rental circulation, repair it, or liquidate it at a discounted price.

Can my container rental payments be applied toward the purchase of the container at a later date?
No. You are welcome to pay more each month for rental and have that amount applied toward a future purchase. We also accept credit cards if you would like to finance a purchase.

Does Wiscontainer LLC offer a rent-to-own program for containers?
No, but we do accept credit cards.

What forms of payment does Wiscontainer accept?
Cash, check, and credit card.

Do you deliver to Eau Claire? How much is it? Chippewa Falls? Menomonie?
We do! Prices vary depending on which type of container and whether it is rented or purchased. Let us know what you need by filling out the Quote form and we will get back to you asap! We have made deliveries into Minnesota and as far away as Door County, WI.

How much space is needed for a delivery?
To be on the safe side, figure we need about 3 times the length of the container to maneuver in front of where you want it to be. So if you are getting a 20ft container, we will need 40-60 feet of flat, clear, hard ground in front of that space. If you are getting a 40ft container, we will need 80-120 feet of flat, clear, hard ground in front of that space. The space in front of the container site cannot have any mudholes or snow piles.

What type of surface can the container be on?
Concrete, asphalt, gravel, grass, and dirt are all acceptable. Wiscontainer may place blocks of wood under the container to promote airflow underneath and to protect the surface under the container.

Can Wiscontainer deliver a 40ft container to my residential neighborhood?
That depends. 40ft containers generally don’t fit well into neighborhoods with small city lots because we need 80-120 feet of clear, open space in front of the container to place it. Generally speaking, if you receive semi truck deliveries at your home or if you have at least an acre of space then a 40ft container might be a possibility. But really, 40ft containers are best suited to commercial, industrial and farm settings. Two smaller containers are a better option for typical residential properties.

Can Wiscontainer move loaded containers?
Yes! As long as they are our 16ft MovingBoxes, which are designed for that purpose. All steel boxes are too heavy to move when loaded with contents.

Can Wiscontainer move 40ft containers loaded with contents?
No. You may need heavy industrial equipment (crane and flatbed semi trailer) to move loaded 40 footers.

Can Wiscontainer move 20ft containers loaded with contents?
No, they would most likely be too heavy. Use our MovingBoxes instead!

Is Wiscontainer LLC insured?
Yes, we are fully insured to move both empty and loaded containers. You should check with your homeowner’s or renter’s policy to make sure the contents you place in a container on your property are covered. Coverage through your policy should be for replacement value of the contents, while our policy has a $5,000 coverage limit per container.

Can Wiscontainer help me move out of state?
At this time we are only helping people move within a 100-mile radius of our base in Elk Mound, WI. Moves to the Twin Cities area may fall within that range.

I have a different question not addressed here.
Feel free to type your question into the Quote form or email us at info@wiscontainer.com. You can also call or text 715-864-3469.

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Wis Container Services

Residential Moving

We can help make local moves stress-free! Rent a MovingBox for a month, fill it with household items, and we will deliver it to your new home! Then take your time unloading everything into your new home. No more stressing out over loading and unloading a truck in a single day! Learn more here!


We have shipping containers available for rental. Our customers include anyone from power companies and commercial contractors who need secure job-site storage to cabin owners who want a place to store their ATVs and snowmobiles.


If you decide that you want to purchase a shipping container, we can either sell you one from our inventory or arrange to pick one up at a rail yard and deliver it to you!

Container Moving

Do you already own a shipping container, but want it moved to a new location? Wis Container can help with that too!

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